When we first met Felix and Jessica during our initial consultation, we instantly felt as though they would be people we’d want to be friends with, not just clients.  They are funny, thoughtful, and so loving to one another.  At one point, they said something along the lines of “we love your work, so you guys just do what you think is best” and “do a few safe shots and just experiment with the rest”, two statements which are probably some of the best things a photographer could’ve asked for.

The more we got to know Felix and Jessica during their engagement session and more so at their wedding, the more we are convinced that they are really fun couple.  The wedding ceremony and reception was set at Skamania Lodge.  It had been raining in the morning so we were getting worried.  Fortunately, the sun came out during the ceremony and the rain held off until the evening!  For the weather we’ve been having in Portland, that’s kind of a big deal.  And boy, was it a great wedding!

Check out a few of the photos and a slideshow at the end of this post to see the awesomeness of the wedding.

P.S. speaking of “being friends with clients”, my lovely wife and assistant, Lindsay, panicked when we were on our way to the wedding because “oh my gosh, we forgot to bring a present!”.   Yep, we really enjoyed Felix and Jessica that much.

Watch the slideshow:

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