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Lindsey asked me to do a family session with her and her family when she found out I was coming to Tulsa, OK. Since it was also going to be the twins birthday soon, it was the perfect time to do a family session. I was really worried about the day being so hot and humid, but thankfully, it wasn’t that hot when we started our session and the trees at the park also helped a lot. You can also see more photos of them on Facebook.

Will, Lindsey, Riley Maddux, and Kayden, hope you guys like the photos as much as I do!

I have known Gayla for a long long time; since high school to be exact. She was a guest teacher who taught my drama class how to do a “vogue” pose and boy, she was really good at it :-)

Gayla met Mick while she went on an outback trip in Australia and Mick was the trip guide. I am not sure how they met to be exact, but Mick was so smittened that he flew to the US to be close to her. Mick and Gayla got married and had 2 kids, Jack and Ben, until a few months ago when they adopted Laila Abeba from Ethiopia! You can read more of her adoption story here:

Hopefully from these photos you can see how well the Gowers got along with Laila and how much Laila is already a part of her new family. You can also check out more photos on Facebook.

Gayla, we love your family so much! Can’t wait to see you all again.